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this might sound ominous for an optimist, but i recently came to terms with the reality that this is my chance. my chance for happiness. my chance for success. You should realize this is your chance too. the inspiration behind the austin optimist is to spread positivity and information about topics that matter to me. not everything here makes perfect sense. for example, 22% four times over does not equal 100%. i know that. i just love seeing 22 and 222 together. whether I’m talking about my dogs, a cooking contest I just won, professional advice I’ve recently received, my essential oils, or anything else, know it is going to be an uplifting little article. I don’t have time for negativity. neither do you.

  • all things human

    you are the sum of who associate with. so i surround myself with positive people and together we inspire and achieve our dreams

  • all things canine

    i'm a better human because of my dogs. they teach me patience, understanding & perserverence

  • all things tasty

    some eat to live. i live to eat. so it is no surprise my soul mate is a chef. eating well and creating new recipes are my thing

  • all things professional

    i'm a writer, adjunct professor and an independent essential oil distributor. i love every minute of my days. maybe it's just the calming oils

optimism is the best way to see life

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